ANSI heavy hexagon nut

ANSI heavy hexagon nut

  • Standard: ASME B18.2.2
  • Material: Carbon steel as ASTM A563 Gr. B
  • Thread: ANSI B 1.1, Class 2B
  • Surface: Zinc electroplated as ASTM B633 Fe/Zn 5, or chromed as ASTM B650 Class 1

Product Details

ANSI heavy hexagon nut is used with ANSI oval neck track head bolt to tighten the housing of groove coupling, and exert pressure on gasket for sealing.

Available size

Nominal nut and thread per inch (D) Ref. No.
3/8″ – 16UNC G5501
1/2″ – 13UNC G5502
5/8″ – 11UNC G5503
3/4″ – 10UNC G5504
7/8″ – 9UNC G5505
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