Ball shut-off and pistol grip

Ball shut-off and pistol grip

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to NFPA 1964
  • Fire agent: Water, foam
  • Feature: Rugged and lightweight
  • Surface: Hard anodized / chrome plated
  • Handle color: Black, red, orange, etc.

Product Details

Ball shut-off and pistol grip provide versatile combination with smooth bore tip or nozzle tip for firefighting application, inducing shut-off control, support, or extend operation. And shut-off is available with or without pistol grip mounted.

Available size

Nozzle size Type Waterway Ref. No.
1-1/2″ Shutoff only 1″ F5601
1-1/2″ Shutoff only 1-3/8″ F5602
2-1/2″ Shutoff only 1-3/8″ F5603
1-1/2″ Shutoff & pistol grip 1″ F5604
1-1/2″ Shutoff & pistol grip 1-3/8″ F5605
2-1/2″ Shutoff & pistol grip 1-3/8″ F5606
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