Brass fire hose coupling

Brass fire hose coupling

  • Certificate: FM approved
  • Standard: NFPA 1963
  • Material: Brass
  • Surface: Rough brass / chrome plated

Product Details

Brass fire hose coupling has one male and one female threaded part, each to be attached to opposite fire hose ends. It is available for single jacket, double jacket and rubber covered fire hose. It features swivel rocker lug, complete with expansion rings and gasket.

Available size

Size Fire hose type Hose service pressure (psi) Ref. No.
1-1/2″ Single jacket 250 F6201
1-1/2″ Double jacket 400 F6202
2-1/2″ Single jacket 250 F6203
2-1/2″ Double jacket 400 F6204
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