Dry chemical fire extinguisher

Dry chemical fire extinguisher

  • Certificate: UL Listed
  • Standard: ANSI / UL 299, ANSI / UL 711
  • Fire rating: Class A, B and C fire
  • Marine type: Yes, B.C Size I
  • Temperature: -40°C to 49°C
  • W. pressure: 195 psi
  • Surface: Red powder coating

Product Details

Dry chemical (Dry powder) fire extinguisher is the most common hand-held portable extinguisher. It is suitable for fires Class A, B and C involving combustible solids, flammable liquids and gases.

Available size

Capacity (lb) UL rating Overall weight (lb) Ref. No.
2.5 1-A:10-B:C 5.7 Lbs F7001
5.0 3-A:30-B:C 9.9 Lbs F7002
10 4-A:60-B:C 18.0 Lbs F7003
20.0 6-A:80-B:C 32.6 Lbs F7004
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