Flush fire department inlet connection (Clapper snoot)

Flush fire department inlet connection (Clapper snoot)

  • Certificate: UL listed
  • Standard: ANSI / UL 405
  • Feature: Flush clapper snoot inlet
  • W. pressure: 300 / 175 psi
  • Surface: Polished / chrome plated

Product Details

Fire department inlet connection with clapper snoot (Siamese connection) is used as an auxiliary connection to supplement water from its inlet, and body is connected to clapper snoot for check function. For flush FDC, the body is concealed behind the wall for aesthetic appearance and unobstructed passage.

Available size

Size Way of inlet Body pattern Ref. No.
3″ x 6″ 3-way End F0501
3″ x 6″ 4-way End F0502
3″ x 6″ 4-way Straight F0503
3″ x 6″ 4-way Angle F0504
3″ x 6″ 6-way End F0505 (ISO)
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