Hose reel shut-off nozzle

Hose reel shut-off nozzle

  • Certificate: LPCB Approved
  • Standard: Refer to BS EN 671-1
  • Material: Nylon / brass
  • Feature: Shut / spray / jet, rotary operated
  • Surface: Red, rough or chromed brass

Product Details

Hose reel shut-off nozzle is used on fire hose reel to provide shutoff, spray and jet stream outlet. And the flow is adjusted by a simple rotary operation of the outer barrel.

Available size

Material Nozzle diameter (mm) Inlet size Ref. No.
Nylon 6 3/4″, 19mm FE6701
Nylon 7 1″, 25mm FE6702
Rough brass 6 3/4″, 19mm FE6703
Rough brass 8 1″, 25mm FE6704
Chromed brass 6 3/4″, 19mm FE6705
Chromed brass 8 1″, 25mm FE6706
Rough brass 12 1-1/4″, 33mm FE6707
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