Outside hose storage cabinet

Outside hose storage cabinet

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to NFPA 14
  • Material: Aluminum / cold-rolled steel
  • Feature: Weatherproof sloping roof, double reinforced doors, louvers for ventilation
  • Surface: Red epoxy primer

Product Details

Outside hose storage cabinet is used where there is a nearby hydrant or other exterior water supply. The cabinet is deep enough to store multiple 100 ft of 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″ fire hose with nozzles, fire axe, and other firefighting equipment.

Available size

W x H x D Leg Ref. No.
58″ x 42″ x 15″ Without F9401
58″ x 42″ x 15″ 12″ / 18″ / 24″ F9402
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