Retard chamber

Retard chamber

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: Comply to NFPA 25
  • Connection: 1/2″ (15 mm) NPT inlet and 3/4″ (20 mm) NPT outlet
  • Water pressure: 300 psi
  • Surface: Red, black or SS
  • Ref. No.: V8601

Product Details

Retard chamber is a surge tank to reduce the possibility of false alarms due to water supply pressure surges. It is designed for using with our V65 series alarm check valve with UL, FM rated for 300psi service.

As water is flowing into the retard chamber, it is also draining through the restrictor included in the valve trim. If there is a sustained flow of water, such as flow from the inspector’s test or an open sprinkler, the water flows into the retard chamber faster than it drains through the restrictor. This allows the water to activate mechanical and/or electrical alarms, as applicable. If the flow of water is not greater than the capacity of the retard chamber and the flow of water from the drain restrictor, the alarms will not be activated.

Main parts and feature

Inlet Outlet Body Bushings
1/2″ (15 mm) NPT 3/4″ (20 mm) NPT outlet Ductile iron / SS Cast Iron UNS-F12102
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