T Key with bar (T-wrench)

T Key with bar (T-wrench)

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: BS 5163-2
  • Connection: To fit post top of valve
  • Length: 1020 / 1050 / 1470 mm, or as customized
  • Ref. No.: V8103 (For TPMC Catalog V08), V8104 (For TPMC Catalog V38, V39)

Product Details

T key has a socket at its lower end and a fixed upper bar attached in the middle. It engages with the stem cap (wrench nut / operation nut) on the NRS valve or hydrant, manually to turn the valve stem to open or close.

Material list

Body Upper spring Inner bar Connection
Aluminum alloy as A356 SS304 Aluminum alloy as 6061 Aluminum alloy as A356
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