Preaction Valve

Preaction Valve

  • Certificate: UL Listed
  • Standard: UL 260
  • Connection: Flanged as B16.1 Class 125 (or EN 1092-2 PN16), grooved, or combined
  • Temperature: 0°C to 87°C
  • W. pressure: 300 psi
  • Surface: FBE coating as AWWA C550

Product Details

Double-interlocked preaction valve is mainly used in preaction system, which utilize compressed nitrogen or air in the system piping, and water under pressure is held below valve until electrical/pneumatic actuators operate.

Available size

Size Connection Working pressure (psi) Ref. No.
2″ / DN50 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6801
2-1/2″ / DN65 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6802
3″ / DN80 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6803
4″ / DN100 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6804
5″ / DN125 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6805
6″ / DN150 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6806
8″ / DN200 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6807
10″ / DN250 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6808
12″ / DN300 FxF, GxG, FxG 300 V6809

1. It is Double interlock type with pneumatic-pneumatic actuation, and it also includes electrical and manual release in case of emergency.
2. The valve assembly must be worked with air pressure maintenance device and air compressor, and they are separately supplied.

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